[StBernard] Redfish Cup Paddle Decorating Contest

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jul 21 23:51:15 EDT 2008


Please see the 2 attached flyers for information concerning the paddle
decorating contest for the Redfish Cup.

We're asking businesses, civic organizations, clubs and individuals to enter
our 3rd decorating contest. The entries will be judged at the Redfish Cup
August 15-17 down at Breton Sound and prizes will be awarded from the main

All entries will be auctioned off in November at the 2nd Annual Black Tie
White Boot Gala to benefit the Community Playground Project. (If you
remember we had done this once pre-Katrina with decorated white boots!)

Get your creative juices flowing or find someone who can and ENTER this
contest to benefit community. Entries must be submitted by August 14.
Paddles must be picked up from the contest committee. See attached flyers
for complete rules.

Thanks as always for your commitment to our great community,

Polly Boudreaux


redfish cup paddle decorating contest

On August 15-17 St. Bernard will host the 3rd Redfish Cup. Join the
festivities by entering the paddle decorating contest as a business, civic
organization or individual.

To receive a paddle, fill out this entry form and submit it to the Tourism
Office/Government Complex (278-4242) with your $20 entry fee. Decorated
paddles must be submitted to the Tourism Office by Aug. 14th. Prizes will be

Redfish Cup
Paddle Decorating Contest Rules

1. Entry form and entry fee must be submitted in order to receive a
2. Only the paddle distributed by the contest committee may be used.
3. Once the paddle is decorated it should be easy to display on a wall.
4. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the main
stage on Sunday.
5. Paddles must be submitted to Gidget McDougall at the Tourism Office
(278-4242) or Polly Boudreaux (554-7134) by Thursday April 14 at 3:30pm.
6. Upon submission the paddle becomes the property of the Tourist
Commission until it is auctioned off at the Community Playground's 2nd
Annual Black Tie White Boot Gala in November.
7. If you have any questions please call Polly at 554-7134.


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