[StBernard] Wanting to rent...

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jul 21 23:53:43 EDT 2008

Hello fellow listserv members:

We have finally gotten a resolution to our Road Home mess (well
almost-haven't gotten the check-they say they had a bad address although we
started and remained with the same addy in Alabama!) but hopefully the check
will arrive soon.

With that in mind, we are looking for an apt. to rent to return home. This
will be for my parent (widowed) and me. We need a 2 bedroom and ideally 2
baths or at least a bath and 1/2. We both take diuretics and so at least a
bath and 1/2 is a must! <grin>

We also have a dog, a miniature doxie, Chloe. She is spayed and probably
the only thing she gets really excited about is food! She *is* housetrained
and loves to be outside. We'd like to have a fenced-in backyard but if
that's not available I can get one of those portable fence enclosures for
her so she can at least have some outside time. We are more than willing to
pay a reasonable pet deposit for Chloe.

I was working with a Realtor in the parish who was going to have a 2bd/2bth
coming available. I had filled out her application and then, all of a
sudden, lost contact with her. I emailed her at 2 different email accounts
and left several voice mails with no responses. I don't know if that apt
became unavailable or what but she never replied to my emails or phone

As I told the Realtor, we are more than willing to pay the deposits (both
rent and pet) and also pay the first 3 months rent in advance. Actually,
I'd rather pay the rent quarterly.

I have a subscription to the St. B News and so am thinking of placing an ad
in there.

I was surprised and also hurt by this Realtor's actions or lack of. I
understood from her that most of her apts don't have refrigerators and I was
going to ask if I bought one down there, could she have it delivered and
placed in the apt so I didn't have to worry about bringing one from AL.
However, I never got the chance to ask that. I had thought about buying a
fridge from A1 and having it delivered to the apt.

I had told the Realtor that I wanted to try to make the apt. as ready as
possible, like getting the power turned on, getting cable ready for TV's
for my Mom and having the fridge in the place. I'm also trying to buy all
the items need, up here before we get back home, such as bed linens, table
ware and such that they don't have in the Parish, like at a Walmarrt, Kmart
or Target.

So listserv folks if you can help we would appreciate it. My mom can't do a
townhouse or whatever with stairs. She uses a wheelchair, walker and a
walking stick. Upstairs bedrooms won't help.

If anyone knows of anything available that will help us, please respond to
Westley and he will forward to my email address.


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