[StBernard] Boasso denies claim that he violated law

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 11 22:40:50 EDT 2008

I believe that about every major political candidate (those who have a
chance on winning or have won) have done some unethical motion in his/her
life. They know that it could give them the political edge they need OR that
their campaign manager and associates are willing to "cheat" to get ahead).

>From Jindal to Boasso, from O-BAma-son to McCain, from Jefferson to Landrieu

and beyond. Mr. Boasso is no different than the others.

When the ego supercedes the raw impulses to win - someone in the campaign is
going to "inch" to get a "foot into the door" of political victory.


Scott Wilfong is a Republican Party shill. He's done things like this
before. His name has been mentioned involved with a traffic camera fiasco
in Baton Rouge. Wifong has been accused before of being involved in
smearing other politicians or candidates. He has no credibility and I am
surprised the State Ethics committee is taking him seriously.

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