[StBernard] Obama Reads the Bible

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Aug 22 08:59:16 EDT 2008

Well those links didn't work, but if one does a search on youtube.com for
Obama Bible, there's a slew of his disdain for da "Truth" of God's word.

I firmly believe that OH-Bamaaaaaaaaaaaaa did read his Bible, it would be
equal to what the Supreme Court does (especially in terms of liberal
outcomes--He "legislates" (rewriting the laws instead of
strict-Construction/interpretation of the constitution).

Interpreting laws is humankind's main disadvantage. Reading the Laws of God
(Biblical teachings and His Word) is brought to us by the inspiration of the
Apostles and holy men of the era throughout the history of Christianity.

Bama-Lama does his own interpretation (even without having read a word)
being influenced/poked interest within Muslim guidelines and background
(schooling/father, relatives, etc.).

Having been influenced early in his life and then followed up with
radicalism has intensified his favoritism for extremist philosophies,
liberal philosophies and ideals (not to mention leaving a lack of morality
out of the equation).

Therefore, an unstable, out of control commander in chief, supporter of
socialism/Marxism and other ideologies can truly bring "change" to our
country. (That being instability to the people of God, American tradition
and ideals.

Shocking? One would find out quickly if this Satanic figure would step
across the White House threshold.


Those of you who consider yourself to be a Christian need to

listen to Obama in this short (2 min) video about the Bible.


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