[StBernard] St. Bernard Animal Shelter-temporary foster care needed for evacuation

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Aug 27 21:41:01 EDT 2008

I realize everyone is busy making plans for their safety in case Gustav does
impact New Orleans....but I wanted to pass this along in case anyone is in a
position to help or knows someone who is...

Dear Everyone,

With Hurricane Gustav on the way, St. Bernard ANimal SHelter will be making
a decision shortly on evacuation plans. To alleviate the load of animals
that will need transport, I have been asked to send out this email to ask
anyone who is setup to house a dog or 2 or 3.... to please step forward and
help. We will need temporary housing for numerous dogs until the hurricane
passes in order to ensure that they make it through this storm. The shelter
will not be able to take all the dogs, so it is IMPERATIVE that there are
volunteers willing and ABLE to house. Please remember that your safety and
the safety of your family and your pets comes first. So please keep this in
mind. If you would like to volunteer to temporarily foster, please contact
one of the numbers below or reply to this email. Just housing one dog,
whether big or small is a huge help to the shelter and the animals. Thank
you and please take care!

Allyson Lipari - (504) 957-0243
Tina (at the shelter) - (504) 442-2836
Chris Biangi - (914) 720-688


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