[StBernard] 7 PM Press Conf in St. Bernard 2sep08

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Sep 3 00:47:58 EDT 2008

General Entry

7:00pm Update

Hurricane Gustov reentry plan for St. Bernard parish.

Entergy says it may take up to a week and a half to restore power.

Residents must bring their own provisions.

St. Bernard Parish has decided to open the parish for the return of its
residents as of Wednesday September 3, 2008 beginning at 6am. St. Bernard
parish president Craig Taffaro said all residents who plan to return to St.
Bernard between Wednesday September 3 and Saturday September 6 must enter
St. Bernard parish via Paris road from I 510. St. Bernard residents should
avoid entering from any other access points other than I 510. Residents
entering St. Bernard parish must have proof of St. Bernard residency.

St. Bernard Sheriffs Office will man the Paris road checkpoints, expect

Governor Jindal has decided to let parish leaders make this decision,
President Taffaro and the parish council want the residents to return as
soon as possible,

However parish officials stress that there will be no electrical power on
Tuesday the 2nd and Wednesday the 3rd and no guarantees beyond that.

Entergy officials have said it could take up to a week and a half before
power is restored to the entire parish because the storm damaged Entergy's
transmission system.

Taffaro asks that returning residents to be courteous and understand the
Paris Rd checkpoint will be packed and the St. Bernard Parish Sheriffs
Office will need to check every vehicle for the safety of the parish.
Residents should be aware that the mandatory evacuation order will be lifted
at 6am Wednesday September 3rd, residents will have limited utilities at
present. This means that residents that plan to enter St. Bernard must be
aware there will be no electricity supplied to your house for the immediate
future. Although Atmos energy has not discontinued services, residents
should be aware that other utility services relative to electricity will not
be available.

Water and sewer services will continue on generator power and all municipal
water is safe.

Residents may see sewer hauling trucks on a temporary basis until Entergy
restores power.

All residents who choose to return to their property should be prepared with
non perishable food, drinks, flashlights and operational cell phones.

Sheriff Jack Stephens will maintain an increased patrol and will maintain a
24 hr curfew until power is restored. Because the jail is not open, anyone
arrested will be taken to Angola prison. Basic fuel and food services will
be available on a limited basis, at limited locations by private vendors
which shall be posted on the government website as information is made
available to the government.

Each individual will have to provide their own support during this process .
The St. Bernard health center will be operational beginning Thursday
September 4.

Residents who have special medical needs, small children, are elderly, or
have elderly family members are encouraged to find an alternate location to
remain until power is restored.

Individuals who were evacuated via the parish/state assisted evacuation plan
will begin their return following the re-entry of the general population. It
is anticipated that critical transportation needs residents will begin
returning beginning at the end of the week. The St Bernard parish public
school system and our Lady of Prompt Succor will remain closed through the
end of the week with plans to reopen on Monday September 8.

Molly Buckley of Entergy said crews assessed damage on Tuesday and there
will be 100 Entergy crews in St. Bernard on Wednesday, including line crews
and tree trimmers to get power restored as quickly as possible. She advised
people to be safe and be cautious when using generators, and be careful
around electrical lines in roadways and hanging lines in trees. Do not touch
them or assume they are not live. Call 1800-9-outage in case you need
information from Entergy or to report an outage.

No St. Bernard parish employees are required to return to work on Wednesday
or Thursday September 4, unless called by his or her supervisor.

St Bernard parish government employees should continue to check the web site
for the return to work notice or call 504-278-4200

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