[StBernard] Landrieu Office- Contact Information

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Sep 3 22:54:58 EDT 2008

Community Leader-

With flood fighting efforts continuing in Plaquemines, sewage system issues
throughout various communities and various other challenges across the
region, much remains to be done and I want to make this office available to
you and your team as needed. I will be working out of the Baton Rouge
office for the remainder of this week and can be reached at 225-389-0395 or
via cell 504-432-2887/225-324-3433. If you need me to visit your community
please let me know and I will try to accommodate.

We have been working with local emergency operations centers and GOHSEP to
address your requests. I strongly encourage you to work within the system
whenever possible, but this office can forward requests to GOHSEP's
congressional liaison's office for emergency expedited requests. Please
provide us with a description of the request and the request number.

Senator Landrieu has been in communication with FEMA and the White House on
behalf parishes that experienced significant storm damage yet were omitted
from the President's Disaster Declaration such as St. Tammany, St. Helena
and Tangipahoa. It is not all that uncommon for a Disaster Declaration
region to be expanded after the initial announcement, but we have no
confirmation that this will happen at this point and cannot guarantee
anything at this time.

We met with representatives of the United States Postal Service this morning
in Baton Rouge and they briefed us on their efforts to restore mail service
as quickly as possible. They are working with the Social Security
Administration to ensure Social Security check recipients receive their
checks when conditions permit and remain informed of the status. They have
a presence at almost all facilities in the state and will provide limited
services when accessible.

Some of you may be planning on closing shelters while others are working to
stand-up shelters for returning residents who find their homes
uninhabitable. If this office can help connect you with the Red Cross or
other resources that may be needed during either of these processes, please
let me know.

Very best,

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