[StBernard] Jefferson Parish update

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Sep 3 22:59:02 EDT 2008

Jefferson Parish officials today updated the efforts to recover from
Hurricane Gustav.


Entergy announced that the Eastbank has see 65% of power restored. The
Westbank is 48% energized.


Jefferson Parish garbage pickup resumes Friday on the normal schedule,
with debris pickup set for Monday.

Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard asks that people separate their
debris and household trash, and they not place debris near fire hydrants
of cable boxes.

Broussard also urged residents to clear their street drains and curbs of
debris to improve drainage in the parish.


Broussard again urged residents to avoid putting water and waste into the
drains and toilets in Jefferson Parish. He says people should hold off
washing dishes and washing clothes the next few days, so that the sewers
don't back up into homes while officials await electrical restoration to
the sewerage lift stations that pump waste away from neighborhoods.

He added, that they Will be using vacuum trucks to remove sewerage from
overfilled lines and generators to run lift stations as "backup systems"
to try and avoid sewerage backups.


Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand announced that the Curfew was
lifted at 6am with the return of citizens, but warned that "zero tolerance
will continue!" He said, "We accelerated the reentry plan to accommodate
our citizens... not the criminals."

The sheriff pledged to continue increased patrol through the parish and
warned people that they may be "escorted people back to their homes" if
out at night. He said deputies have made "a number of looting arrests"
for business burglaries.

Because of the increased patrols Normand said, "We are not in a position
to write accident reports." He called on drivers involved in
"fender-benders" to exchange drivers license numbers, license plate
numbers and insurance information.


Schools Supt. Diane Rouselle announced that schools have been evaluated
and, when they have electricity and sewerage, they will be open.

"We will open schools as much as we can as soon as we can." Rouselle

President of the Jefferson Parish School Board Mark Morgan advised
families to stay a away a few more days. "This still really isn't a place
for children... that's why schools aren't open until Monday," he said.


The parish offices are open Friday on what Broussard called a "normal work


When asked when the thousands of people bused out of Jefferson Parish will
be brought back, Broussard says they have better services and necessities
where they are now. "I want to make sure the Parish is stronger before we
bring those people back," he said.

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