[StBernard] Would McCain Equal a Third Term for Bush?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Sep 23 08:40:51 EDT 2008


You're missing the point.

The idiots in Congress always come up with these magical numbers and dates
without ever bothering to see if the technology is ready to meet those dates
and numbers at an affordable price.

Like the switch to digital broadcast signals. It's not like the technology
wasn't there, but the price was too high. Most consumers couldn't afford
either a new TV or one of these set-top boxes. And look what's happening
now. The government is having to subsidize the cost of the set-top boxes.

Just auto fuel efficiency. To meet the mandates Congress is trying to
impose, we will probably all have to start driving Yugo's.

The market works. As gas prices started climbing, more people looked to
buying more fuel efficient cars. Didn't take a mandate from the high priests
on Capitol Hill for that to happen.

If Congress would limit its short attention span to just security and
infrastructure, the country would be a lot better off (not to mention taxed
a whole lot less).


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>The government simply can't force these things, but the market will.

Sure the gov't can. They mandate it through the EPA.
You've posted enough article here from the Dallas EPA Regional Office
on water quality issues; I've read them. I'm sure there are other
issues EPA tests for at power plants so they can add
mercury emissions to the list.


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