[StBernard] Good project, poor location

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 28 09:42:03 EDT 2008

Good project, poor location
Sunday, September 28, 2008
Re: "Neighbors oppose site for waste transfer station," Metro, Sept. 25.

I have one question for the St. Bernard Parish Council members and Planning
Commission board members. Would you want a waste transfer station built near
your business or home? This project will hurt and devalue existing
businesses on Paris Road in Chalmette, which are still struggling in the
aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

We are commercial property owners in this area. If parish officials want
this business, they should look at alternative sites where neighboring
property would not be adversely affected and where zoning does not need to
be changed. This station does not need to be within sight and smell of the
gateway of the community. It does not need to be placed on waterfront

Pete Taffaro proposed alternate sites where this project would not affect
other properties, and St. Bernard Parish could still retain the SDT

Everyone acknowledges Sidney Torres' accomplishments in cleaning up the
French Quarter and "bringing class to trash." However, no matter how much
lemon scent is sprayed, you are just camouflaging a skunk, and the skunk
doesn't need to be on prime commercial real estate.

Mona Savaski

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