[StBernard] Finally, leadership be example...not just words!

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 28 09:42:42 EDT 2008

Once again, John, you are right on target!

John R.

When asked about suspending his presidential campaign as Sen. John
has until this financial crisis has a solution, Senator Obama
replied, "I
believe this campaign is too important to put on hold." There was a
by the reporter asking the question because he thought Obama was
going to
add more to his comment, like "...to our country." But, he never
added that
part to his comment...strange, isn't it?

John McCain made it very clear in his statement why he was
suspending his
campaign and might put off Friday night's presidential debate - it's
for the
benefit of the country that this crisis be addressed and the federal
government agree on a plan of action before returning to the
campaign trail.

Of course Barack Obama failed to say his campaign is too important
to put on
hold "for our country," because he is "NOT" running for president
for the
benefit of the country, he's doing it for himself. So naturally,
putting his campaign on hold would not be good for him or his

I take my hat off to John McCain. Finally, someone in Washington
up to the plate and saying there are some things more important than
campaigning. Whether you agree with McCain or not, or whatever the
gets done in Washington to our liking or not, it's refreshing to see
grab the bullhorns of leadership.

This should speak volumes of what kind of so-called "leader" Barack
will be as President. In fact, Obama's campaign issued a statement
morning that he "was not planning to vote" on the bail out proposal.
that means when the phone rings at the White House at 3 AM in the
middle of
a crisis, Obama won't answer it.

- John Scurich

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