[StBernard] Justice Unserved

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Nov 2 11:22:22 EST 2008

Right Laurie. And I wasn't commenting on the kill him or hospitalize him
about the guy from Lex. Place. What I was commenting on was the let them
loose or hospitalize them idea. I really don't think many can be on their
own and that's what a lot of the homeless problem is. If they were in the
hospital at least they'd be in a safe (for everyone) environment.


PS. It takes a special type of person to go into that field and be able to
hang in there to do it. Your son is to be admired.

This is very true JY. At the facility that my son works at, it is
part of
his job to check on these patients and make sure they are taking
their meds.
Most of them are on court ordered heavy medication so they must take
them or
be put away. Many of them resist taking the meds. If they do not
come into
the clinic to get their shots, meds, and other treatments, he has to
go to
their house and track them down and see why. Most of them have been
abandoned by their family. They are just too much to handle, too
consuming and too much of a burden. Especially when the parents get
elderly. They cannot live on their own, most live in some sort of
setting. My son said they threaten to kill people often but usually
do not,
they are more likely to kill themselves. These people also think
they are
Jesus, my son is Jesus, Jesus is the voice they hear
that tells them what to
do. Most of their obsessions revolve around sex and religion. It's
weird for me. I don't know how he does it. He also does play
therapy with
children who were raped. I'm proud of him for the compassion and
love he
shows these children, but sometimes I worry he will hurt some of
attackers. Some of these very young children actually have father's
abused them in the worst way and are still fighting in the courts to
them, intimidate them and violate restraining orders. It is hard
for him to
get to know these kids and all the gory details of their attack and
not want
to take vengeance on their tormentors. That is why I said he has a
heartbreaking job. I could not do his job and I doubt many people
want to either. This world is sick, sick, sick.


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