[StBernard] Obama thinks those who don't want to payhigher taxesare "selfish"

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Nov 2 11:25:52 EST 2008


I never said he would be successful at creating communisn, only that deep
down he's a communist. I agree even he realizes that goal would never be
achieved, but that doesn't mean he doesn't dream about it.


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"Obama's goal is not socialism, it's communism. " --John

Jer Repsponds: John, I'll have to disagree with you on this one, John (even
though anti-Bamas like to believe he's that far left).

It's not quite communism if solely because the government would have to
wither away and the state would have to be in charge of all facets of an
individual's life. The next political status above socialism is of course,

Socialism in America (at its peak) is indeed bad enough.

And of course, if we listen to o-BLAH-mah's plan for upheaval/removal of our
capitalistic society, socialized medicine, permanent gains of government
interfering in all tenants of an individual's way of life (stock/bonds,
401K, buyouts, pensions), etc. will become a part of our society. The
liberals already know this and are willing to give O-Blah-Dee, O-Blah-dah
the benefit of the doubt and approve him as a leader of the greatest country
in the what will now become defunct--free world. Freedoms will cease to
become the law of the land and be superimposed with what is defined in
socialistic terms.

Under communism, we've have to get permissions for our everyday freedom
movements around. The government will decide "From each according to his
ability--to each according to his needs." (Karl Marx):

--Whereas jobs are created for the individual by government who will do the
providing according to the strength, capability and skill of the worker and
not because one wants to earn it/decide upon it in our free democracy.

Socialism is easy accepted by the masses (as one believes the government is
smart enough to make decisions for us. Because remember, if they can giveth,
they can surely taketh it away from us as well.

Laziness? Perhaps. Who wants to work or provide for one's family? Just send
the check in the mail. There's no decision as to when, which and why. It's

It was once said that if communism is widely accepted, others will fall as
well as dominoes (and of course, in the late '80's we watched most fall with
was once coined, "the Soviet Union", now Russia.

Who knows if those countries tumbling from economic collapse will be ripe
for the pickin' once in a weakened state? O'BLAH-MAH knows this. As I've
compared the charismatic figure of Bar-Rack-0 to Hitler's rise (Nazism),
people line up in masses to believe what appears to be ice-scream and cake
to them--a Utopia of what minorities currently term, "da good life".

With Pelosi and Reid in conjunction as well, the Triumphant Trio (or as
Conservatives like to call, "Da 3 Stooges") if elected collectively will
damage America beyond our wildest nightmares, perhaps.

For if, dominoes are to fall, it will be at the hands of the Socialists who
take it to da next level.


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