[StBernard] Lie, lie, lie

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Nov 2 11:27:40 EST 2008

The below passage is from the Nov. 1st website of the daily Rasmussen

"Nearly a third of voters say they have already cast their ballot and Obama
leads by nine among this group. Obama also has a similar lead among the
small group who have not voted but still plan to vote early. The candidates
are essentially even among those who plan to vote on Tuesday."

Lie, lie, lie. People are lying in this poll. How do I know? Because
there isn't a single county in any of the fifty states that experienced
anywhere near having one-third of their county's registered voters
participate in early voting. In fact, very few barely hit double digits.
And keep in mind a "one-third" percentage is average, meaning in some
counties they would have experienced more than a third to make up for
counties that had far less.

Folks, this is all a bunch of "bs" pure and simple. I've been doing polls
and working with analysts like John Grimm to know otherwise. Keep in mind
that polls like Rasmussen's are "representative" polls, meaning the sample
they put together is supposed to representative of the entire nation. So,
if one-third of the people polled say they've already voted early, then that
is supposed to be indicative of the entire nation....and you don't have to
be a political scientist to know that one in every three voters across
America did not vote early.

So why would people say this? Why would they lie about it? For the very
reasons the New York Post said in a story ealier in the week - about how
Obama supporters have been emailed and instructed to lie and exaggerate in
polls to try and demoralize McCain supporters. All week long Rush Limbaugh
talked about it - recently a volunteer for the Obama campaign spilled the
beans to the media on all the tactics used by the Obama campaign.

What really surprises me about this is Brad Rasmussen, who is supposedly a
very consciencious analyst, failed to mention in his website anything of
what I'm pointing out here. This "one third voting early" is totally and
completely preposterous. Rasmussen's failure to comment on this as I have
now seriously brings into question the credibility of his polling. To me,
this was an "easy" thing to catch since it stuck out like a sore thumb.

Now, I am believing the Zogby polls and the McCain campaign that not only is
this presidential race close, but McCain might very well be leading - and
still with 3 days to gain more ground.

Looks like Ms. Joseph in Chicago might not be getting that free gasoline and
free house after all.

John Scurich

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