[StBernard] Remarks by John McCain

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Nov 6 07:57:55 EST 2008


I wasn't even referring to the speeches made Tuesday night...I'm talking
about the ENTIRE campaign, going back all the way to last Fall. McCain's
speech Tuesday night was indicative of him throughout the campaign..and it's
a fact he didn't get the same from his opponent. The Obama campaign was
filled to the top with hate, envy and disrespect - and this even came from
top Obama campaign personnel including Axlerod. I can recall at least 4 or
5 instances when McCain told supporters to shut up when starting to bad
mouth Obama, but I got tired of counting how many times on the networks I
saw trash talking and total disrespect at Obama rallies about a man who has
given more sacrafice to his country in a day than Obama has. "Ugly" is the
the best word to describe the entire attitude of the Obama campaign. At
times it made me feel embarrassed to be an American. I come from the old
school taught by people like Dr. Ed Renwick where you are supposed to
campaign honorably. I guess those days are gone.

But hold tight, somewhere out there, there is a another Lee Atwater waiting
to be given the raines of the Republican Party. If such a person ever rises
to leadership in the GOP, God help the liberals. And if you don't know who
I'm talking about (Lee Atwater), do some research on him and you'll
understand why liberal Democrats literally feared him and will fear someone
like him. Atwater motto was, "you just don't defeat a Democrat, you destroy
him and after he's dead, you then cut his head off and impale it on a pole
to scare the rest away." Harsh words, but he was extremely successful at
what he did. He died back in 1991 at the age of 41.


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SOrry to say, but Baack's acceptance speech WAS very respectful for the
moment and respectful to Sen. McCain....were you watching the same speech


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