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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Nov 6 13:17:09 EST 2008

LouisianaRebuilds.info Highlight: Homeowners Section

Our Homeowners Section <http://louisianarebuilds.info/homeowners> lists
various types of resources and assistance available for homeowners in
process of rebuilding their houses. Listings include assistance for Road
Home applicants, loan and foreclosure avoidance programs, organizations
providing free rebuilding assistance, elevation and hazard mitigation
resources, permits, mold remediation, green rebuilding and much more.

* NEW this week in our Homeowners Section: New organizations have been added
to our list of organizations offering free or low-cost rebuilding
assistance. Find out more here <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/2896> .

Buying Road Home Properties

Road Home properties that were sold to the state are not for sale to the
general public at this time - they are currently being offered to adjacent
homeowners only through the Lot Next Door Program. Read an article about how
Road Home properties will be managed and find out more about the Lot Next
Door Program in our Homeowners Section
<http://louisianarebuilds.info/homeowners> .

Sankofa Marketplace Grand Opening

The Sankofa Marketplace is a collaborative grass roots effort stemmed by the
Historic Lower 9th Ward Council for Arts & Sustainability, in partnership
with various Lower 9th Ward- based organizations, businesses, and residents.
The Grand Opening is Saturday, November 8. It will feature a variety of
activities and resources including a Youth Tent, Health Tent, Community
Resource Tent, Living History Tent, and a Seniors Tent. There will also be a
farmers market with fresh vegetables, citrus, shrimp, and baked goods, as
well as a crafts market with a variety of handmade artwork. Find out more
here <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3518> .

Upcoming Events

November 8: Sankofa Marketplace Grand Opening

November 8-16: Volunteers Needed to Help Turn Houses Into Homes

November 15: Being Green and Chic Health Fair

November 20: Keep Your Head Above Water: How to Get the Money You Need to
Elevate Your Home <http://louisianarebuilds.info/node/3541>

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