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The following email is worth forwarding.
We need to contact our council and tell them to VOTE NO to a regional waste
There is no need for a transfer station and no need for monthly garbage

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Our household garbage routes use 4 SDT trucks per collection day, twice a
Compare to a daily total of 175 SDT trucks at the current Paris Road
transfer site, as documented by concerned citizens. Its plain to see that
direct hauls of household garbage from St Bernard Parish to the River Birch
landfill, bypassing a Paris Road transfer station, is the economically
feasible and environmentally beneficial project which protects public health
and our marina waterways.

Becoming the regional waste station provides only added truck traffic and
other community burdens. There are no benefits to our community: no taxes
generated, no jobs created.
The regional waste station only profits a privately owned company.

Unfortunately, Councilmembers seem ready to issue the local permit after the
November 18th 11am public hearing. Some councilmembers seem under the wrong
impression that only a few, vocal business owners and residents are in
opposition to our community becoming the regional waste transfer site.

PLEASE Contact you councilman and tell him to VOTE NO to the waste transfer

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