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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Nov 6 16:27:56 EST 2008


I don't know if Palin is going to around in four years...she might not want
to. Timing is everything when it comes to running for public office. If
she's not sure Obama can be beaten in four years, she might wait for an open
seat in 2016. Durign the next four years she might run for the U.S. Senate
and begin building her national base for 2016. The timing would be right
for her. She'll be a little older, perceived as more of a mature statesman,
have a federal contribution base (if she runs for Congress). Besides, she
might not want to be the "second billing" another time around..."always a
political bridesmaid but never a bride."

I have no doublt Jindal will be perceived as the future of the GOP. But,
again even Bobby is smart when it comes to "political timing." I don't see
him making the move unless he thinks Obama can be beaten. Jindal will start
making the circuits and speech tours around the country. He'll get a good
feel for what's out there. If he generates enough interest and believes
Obama can be beaten by the Summer of 2010, then he might make a move for the
White House. The Congressional elections of 2010 will tell the real story.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Republicans take back control of the
either the house or senate, but they don't have to accomplish that much.
All they need to do is win back several seats along with an Obama approval
rating that's low. The combination of the two will set the tone for the
next two years and encourage many Republicans, in addition to Jindal, to
start feeling the waters for the White House.

John Scurich

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Trying to glimpse into the crystal ball, what are your thoughts of a
Jindal-Palin ticket in 2012? Wouldn't matter which one ran for the top job,
but they do seem to be the only two conservative politicians left in the


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