[StBernard] On-Site Massage Offered At Community Center of St Bernard

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Nov 14 11:15:58 EST 2008

Beginning on November 20, 2008, licensed massage therapist John L.
Dominio III (LIC#: LA 1878) will be at the Community Center of St
Bernard, 1107 LeBeau St in Arabi, Louisiana every Thursday afternoon
from 1:30 PM – 3 PM to offer free On-Site/Chair Massage to local
residents. This form of therapeutic massage is performed fully clothed
using a chair specially designed for the client’s comfort. Each
On-Site massage session lasts 10-15 min. and is intended to promote a
general feeling of relaxation. During the massage, pressure is placed
on key areas of the head, neck, back, arms and hands. This allows the
tension of everyday life to melt away and leaves the client feeling
calm and refreshed. No appointment is needed for the massage, and all
clients will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis.

A lifelong resident of St. Bernard Parish, Mr. Dominio is a 1999
graduate of the Blue Cliff School of Therapeutic Massage. Since
receiving his license, he has taken advanced studies in Neuromuscular
Therapy (NMT) and Sports Massage, as well as completing intermediate
studies in Reflexology, Medical Massage and Shiatsu. He also uses
Swedish and Deep Tissue in his practice, and is continually taking
classes to further his skills as a therapist and learn more about the
Art of Touch.

Notes Mr. Dominio, “Like everyone else I lost everything during
Katrina. For a year after the storm my mom and I moved from place to
place, stayed with family and friends, and sometimes lived in a tent
before we were able to come home and begin rebuilding. Thanks to the
help of strangers, volunteers and people who cared I was able to begin
the healing process within myself and deal with the emotional,
physical and spiritual ailments that started to root themselves deep
within my soul. Through a lot of self exploration, time and talking
with others I have reached a place in my own journey of healing where
I can give of my services and hopefully help someone as I was helped
not so long ago.”

For more information about On-Site massage or other types of massage
therapy available from Mr. Dominio, please phone 504-228-1142. For
more information about activities at the Community Center of St
Bernard, please call 504-281-2512 or visit www.ccstb.org

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