[StBernard] Parish Threatens To Tear Down Renovated Home

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Feb 17 22:40:57 EST 2009


There are countries where "everyone can rise and fall together". They don't
pratice capatalism, but instead, communism.


Wouldn't it be nice if everyone who chose to stick it out in da
Parish had
an extra million $$$ to burn frivolously? It's ironic how, for
governments like the U.S. can find a "spendulous" package for the
study of
field mice at a cost of $30 million or a parish that can put up
recreation parks--yet, ignore or expect the poor or underprivileged,
struggling homeowner to be at the same level of recovery as those
who live
in expensive neighborhoods.

I believe we all rise or fall together. If this is not possible,
government should offer some degree of help to assist those who
cannot with
a hand up to catch up with others who are blessed to be able to do

At every stage of recovery immediately following Katrina, the
poorest of da
Parish's homeowners were threatened at some point, whether to get
fines for
something or to have liens, or seizure or demolition.

So the attitude is: "if you cannot, you won't in our community".
What a
message this is to the community that a recovery government who
"could finance satisfactory" is condemning those who wanted to
return and
tried their damnest to be in that number. Nothing can be more
than to exclude the poor during the recovery process.\

Heaven help those who are struggling, because no one else seems to
be doing

God bless.


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