[StBernard] Parish Threatens To Tear Down Renovated Home

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Feb 17 22:41:24 EST 2009


Any money received under the Road Home program is tax free. You can verify
this with Mary Landrieu's or David Vetters' offices, but any reliable CPA or
tax preparer should already know this.

Honey, I totally understand and empathize with your and everyone
situation. I AM TOO on a fixed income. I am retired, but trust me,
retirement check barely makes ends meet these days.

I said I am going to rebuild, but I AM also at the mercy of the
in what proceeds I will be entitled to to rebuild. I lost my home
which was
pre-katrina appraised at approximately $200,000.00. If I don't
rebuild...i'll be the proud owner of a worthless piece of land. At
one time
the lots in our area started at $85,000!!! Now...I probably
couldn't get
$25,000 for the lot.

The only resources i'll have are what i'm getting from Road Home and
HMGP Elevation Grants. AND...what sucks even more is, I'm getting
resources but am being penalized because we (everyone who is
entitled) have
to pay taxes on those monies! Boy...was I naive...i always thought
meant non-taxable!!

I probably could have tried mold remediation and rebuilt the
insides, but
with my health issues, my physician said if it were his mother, he
advise against her rebuilding. So with my health practioner's
advice, I
made the decision to demo and start over. It was NOT without much
and STILL many emotional roller coaster days and nights. BUT...I
really try
not to dwell on things I have no control over. It WAS eating me

When I left my home, I left with only 3 days of clothes. Every
other time
we ever had to evacuate, I'd always pack the van to the roof with
pictures, (I lost my husband at the very early age of 37 and all I
had left
of him were pictures), baby albums, wedding album, family bible and
other irreplaceable items. This time...like a fool...who will kick
till the day she's pushing up daisies...I didn't bring anything.
grieved for my irreplaceable items...but I'm TRYING to move on and
live FOR
the FUTURE and not dwell on in the past.


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