[StBernard] Mardi Gras day shooting and crowd reaction

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Feb 26 09:22:50 EST 2009

All: when Katrina hit our homeland, everyone noticed "geese-like" flight of
Mexicans, San Salvador and many other latin countries flocking across
borders. Disasters in America send up a beacon of light/signal flares upon
the Katrina-Titanic disasters. Some were legal to work as roofers and other
action jobs that were fostered by a need. People took them into employment
as an ease to the misery and pain of having to dig, build or whatever.

Little did they realize that the FBI/Homeland Security and local police
systems know more than anyone on this listserv.

It seems that very early Hispanic "responders" to that need established into
the areas another need=-=a need to make very large amounts of money under
the guise of being a roofer by day - and an establishment of large drug
cartels bringing in and establishing "turf" for drug involvement, need,
addiction and yes---gangs.

Many were illegals who might have moved on to more disasters elsewhere, and
others finding a void from the housing slump, recovery, etc. sought an path
back across the border because they were left here without jobs, etc.

Many were illegals and stood here to fulfill another need, the drugs/gangs
which help control the trade. Crime has gotten worse throughout the ordeal
and still in many areas where they nest as illegals with a base here to
smuggle drugs from Venezuela, another other drug-lord countries. It's
lucrative and we're all seeing the impact of more drugs and crime as the

There is lots of problems happening now across border towns in Texas, etc.
where just in Texas alone, fronts a border of 1200 MILES. Trying to police
the porter is tougher than anyone would imagine. Gangs killing by the droves
on both sides of the border and new technology is being devised to help hunt
them down and deport them.

Now to the present where only a rough "estimate" of 12 million illegals are
ingrained into America's fabric as a tough stain now exists to clean up. The
Liberals want all kind of "special privileges" for them which as some of us
know can include health care, education, Social Security, Welfare, and an
abundance of mostly free services that Americans can only wish and pray for
but have to work so hard to try and meet the rising cost to us.

O-B-1 proudly declares "CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN" or YES, WE CAN, or like
Sam Cooke's Record, "A Change is Gonna Come" and the list goes on. This
change by the liberals bonds with the illegals and drones of others who will
get benefits, populate the Democratic/Liberal numbers during elections and
over balance the scale in favor of Liberal-maxed numbers during elections
thus guaranteeing future elections.

It just seems that the more rights and privileges, opportunities and
enhancements we make available to some cultures, the least the benefits are
taken advantage of and accepted. Free education, equal opportunity, and more
and are taken to benefit least. There is NO excuse for passing on a good
education and way of life for that of a criminal's life of glamour of
killing, lots of drugs, more crime and an ignorant-stupefied brain-dead,
loafing moron.

--and that's just the good ones!

Expect merciless killings, more obscene God-damning and egregious actions
and sin as time evolves. I've been preaching it for years--but now that
blacks are declaring "We gonna have a good life with Obams!", or poor white
trash following the examples of Bollywood glamorizing bad things in life as
a quick way to get lots or richness (and I don't mean refinement), Latinos
who want to cut the immigration line by crossing borders and killing vis a
vis gang wars and activities--we're going to actually seem 10x the "Change
has done come" that my prediction will validate. Heaven help us.



The media goes out of its way to cover up this kind of stuff, but already in
places like Los Angeles and Detroit you've recently had some horrible crimes
committed by young blacks in the hood...while being carried away by police
they were saying things like "hey man, Obama be president, I can do this and
ain't nuttin' gonna happen to me." IT'S REALLY HAPPENING. Obama's election
is promoting a greater arrogance among the criminal black youths where they
think they now own this country and do not have to be held accountable for
their actions just because they "got a brother in the White House."

And as the Wolfman used to say "if I'm lyin,' I'm dyin.'


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