[StBernard] St. Mark

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Feb 26 18:40:56 EST 2009

Is there a set date for each church parish to be demolished? Please let
us know the date when St. Louise de Marillac will be demolished so that
we can visit the site beforehand.


> -----------------------------------------------------

> Just heard thru the grapevine that St. Mark is scheduled for demo

> tomorrow,

> Ash Wednesday. Apparently a number of people have already gone and

> have been

> able to retrieve their bricks from the Court Yard.


> If a few people could perhaps find the time to maybe rescue any other

> named

> bricks to give those out of town a chance to look for their own.


> I know I would love to have my brick.


> Thanks,

> Westley

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