[StBernard] Social Security Changes

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Mar 9 10:39:42 EDT 2009

This is called a petition simply for lack of a better word. You cannot
petition the president for anything of a legal standing, such as a recall
petition, therefore it does not need that higher standing of needing
verifiable names.


-----Original Message-----

PETITION for President Obama:

Dear Mr. President:
We, the undersigned, protest the bill that the Senate voted
on recently which would allow illegal aliens to access our
Social Security. We demand that you and all Congressional
representatives require citizenship as a pre-requisite for
social services in the United States.

We further demand that there not be any amnesty give n to
illegal aliens, NO free services, no funding, no payments to
and for illegal immigrants
<mailto:comment at whitehouse.gov%3E

this is not a legal petition. a legal petitiion must identify each signee so
the signiture can be verified. this is just a list of names with o clout.
There are genuine petitions out for the same cause. Sign one of those.


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