[StBernard] Great video by the "Associated Press" exposing the falsehoods of Obama's economic statements

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Mar 26 15:41:05 EDT 2009

Yes, I would question O-B-1 if he were "Sicilian". <G> Doesn't matter,
John. I'm overflowing with the Kool-Aid that Governor Jindal's impression
that O-B-1 MUST BE CHALLENGED if there is a belief that his methods are
fouled and flawed enough to affect our nation for decades. We must question
with principle, with great common sense, and with economic learning received
the past hundred years or so.

Just getting a Marxist, left-winger into power is enough to promote and push
though programs that had thousands of pork-belly stink attached to the bill.
Imagine millions to help eliminate "swine odor"? --why, that's what pigs do.
They bury and bath in their pen until they stink to high-Heaven!!

Lots of programs do not stimulate the economy, nor do they get people back
to work. O-B-1, Reid and Pelosi knew their advantage into a majority-vote
over conservatism and with that fast-start, they moved to throw everything
imaginable (including the bathtub and toilet) into the bill leaving people
blindfolded to speak without having time to read the thousand page report
virtually overnight.


In fact, devious.

Now with the trillions next year and for the next 10 or so, it's going to be
that way according to their demonic plan of socializing everything
imaginable and flinging the economy in the process into a severe
inflationary trend as well.

We'll be suffering for such a long, long time as it stands now in his "Plans
for recovery". Nonsense.


This is a brief but great video clip feature Associated Press journalist
Calvin Woodward. Mr. Woodward is pegged by most as being a "liberal" media
journalist - someone who you would think would defend Barack Obama and not
dare question what the President says.

But watch this video where Mr. Woodword sets us straight on the facts
regarding Obama's budget and economic plan.

Thus, when your own supporters who helped you get elected start publicly
exposing you for not telling the truth, you can forget getting reelected.



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