[StBernard] The Road Show starts soon & you're invited

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Mar 28 11:13:15 EDT 2009

"The Louisiana Land Use Toolkit can make a difference in your community by
giving you the tools to have:"

Jer Responds:

0o0ps...a red flag appeared. Allow me to understand:

. "More efficient and affordable infrastructure"

--Does this mean O-B-1 will be allocating his "Spend-U-Lust bill" $$$ to
repair all the broken concreted highways, roads, streets and byways to
totally revamp our infrastructure to the point that people will actually be
put to work or create new jobs in parishes, and be efficient enough not to
look like a Monopoly game playing board? --except that instead of square
movements, we'll be going around in circles trying to wonder how 13 trillion
dollars in additional debt to the U.S. in the next 10 years WON'T have China
or Japan (whom own our debt and can recall when needed) buy additional
investment into America???

. A variety of housing choices

--Does this mean that 4 and 8-plexes won't dot Louisiana and St. Bernard, in
this case with the aim to place "New Ahlins-determined" and their cronies
(Houston and Atlanta evacuated crowds of newcomers) back into LA in
specifically-targeted areas as we're about to experience with the new ruling
on Slum-dwellings?

. Diverse, attractive and walkable communities

--Do you mean (by Diverse and attractive) that we can expect more quotas of
minorities from that other parish, Socialist-leaning/supporting, and other
illegals and new immigrants into our areas? Yes, that would make a
significant "difference" as suggested.

. A mix of land uses and destinations

--Does this mean or could it be that remaining land (and land evacuated by
St. Bernard Patriots who chose to not rebuilt) and green space, etc. would
be appropriately aimed/destined for the "crowds"? (some might say mass
migration into the communities).

. Protection of natural and open space areas

--Do you mean "protected classes" given priority (quotas and special
privileges) to specific land grants, open spaces, and natural grounds on the
basis that not all would be applicable to the good life?

. Fair and predictable development decisions

--Do you mean by "fair and predicable development" decisions that fairness
(as in the recent court battle lost to the parish) in housing is going to
include a "chosen people" and we can understand that they won't be from
Israel or God-sent to the promised land?

. Protection of property values

--Do you mean by property value protection that by building apartments,
condos, and large-family type/non-family type 2 and 3 story
tenaments--people located within earshot, short drive/walk or NEXT DOOR
won't have their property devalued because of what St. Bernard is about to
become by "force-housing" tactics/techniques to re-populate the area from
outside our protected borders?

Folks, stay tuned. It's going to be a bumpy, unstable and disappointing era
in our lifetime and beyond because some are concerned for their own welfare
at the expense of St. Bernard and Louisiana's respected citizens--those who
care about their lives.


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