[StBernard] Tell the Obama Administration that you don’t want California to choose the kind of car you can drive

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Sat Mar 28 11:14:06 EDT 2009

--Jer Responds:

What's it going to matter to 0-B-1 anyhow? As an upcoming dictator, you can expect changes far worse than socialism. National socialism was popular doing Hitler. He too--was elected by the populace and more charismatic as 0-B-1, and we've all seen the outcome. 2 months and we're already in a funk which bad choices thus far will rule the country as if he had placed America on "auto-pilot" to Socialism. Taking over large and as suggested by him and his crony, treasury expert, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. What he's doing to St. Bernard and America is selling out any remaining value we still own in America as a move so far to the left that a "power grab" is in the works. I'm worried and so is the conservative half of America.


<http://emails.instituteforenergyresearch.org/m/848Gdi9vgUZFsevFOx7NIDvayWwnq4OhermXDSqYPQm4UmfqWA> <http://media.instituteforenergyresearch.org/4068/Cali2.gif>
Dear American Energy Supporter,

<http://emails.instituteforenergyresearch.org/m/752Gdi9vgUZFsevFOx7NIDvayWwn--WHXCYA6I2QOgD8Q_w2_A> Right now, the Obama Administration is considering allowing California to limit Americans’ automobile choices. California is attempting to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles. These regulations would not only affect California, but also at least 13 other states that have decided to follow California. To comply with these regulations, automakers may be forced to limit their car choices nationwide and increase prices by $3000 per car to comply with a California mandate.

The Obama Administration needs to hear from you—send a message that California should not be allowed to regulate carbon dioxide from automobiles.
California’s regulation won’t come cheap. California estimates their regulations will increase the cost of a car by $1000. But the real figure could be much higher. The Alliance of Automobile Manufactures puts the price increase at $3000 per car. <http://emails.instituteforenergyresearch.org/m/e23Gdi9vgUZFsevFOx7NIDvayWwn-hl4c2xcDnr385Fp5kb6sQ>

It’s one thing if California’s proposed regulations only punished Californians, but the regulations will reach far beyond its borders. Thirteen other states have implemented regulations to follow whatever California does. This would create an unwieldy regulatory hodgepodge across the country. Maybe worse, the regulations are crafted in such a way as to only affect auto sales from high-volume automakers such as Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors, but not smaller automakers like Ferrari, Land Rover, Maserati, and Lotus. This means the middle-class will bear the brunt of these new regulations.

Your voice will make a difference. Send your comment to EPA right now. <http://emails.instituteforenergyresearch.org/m/a10Gdi9vgUZFsevFOx7NIDvayWwnBWG5xm32UYFaFKwkEPoXjg>

This crazy-quilt of California-mandated regulation will harm the struggling automakers and limit our automobile choices. California’s supporters have already sent over 50,000 messages in favor of their mandates. The Obama Administration must hear from you.

Tell the Administration today that you oppose this flawed plan. <http://emails.instituteforenergyresearch.org/m/04eGdi9vgUZFsevFOx7NIDvayWwnkLuMhtG_8VZ3fxIaFsZAEA>

Tom Pyle
Institute for Energy Research

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