[StBernard] Proof the Democrats created this mess - clips from Congressional hearings

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Mar 28 23:47:54 EDT 2009

And to think the children's dinosaur playmate had to be named after. A man
whose name is "Barney" when it should be "Blarney" and his surname, Frank,

--which he never is! It's preposterous to believe these degenerates can get
so much power because of his lust and greed. If a woman would like much
younger men, they would call them "cougars". If a man loves much younger
women, they would call them "Sugar Daddies".

Those men who love young men/boys are called perverts and degenerates to
society--sexual deviates. This destroyed both the Greek and the Roman
Culture. It would do no less for the cultures of today. Frank is
degenerative poison to both the government and society as an official or
role model.


Watch this great video clip I pulled off of youtube. If anyone out there
(especially liberals) still thinks the Democrats in Congress are not
responsible for the financial mess we're in today....just watch this video
clip taken from Congressional Oversight hearings back in 2004 when
Republicans wanted to address what they saw as a growing crisis in Fannie
Mae and Freddie Mac. Listen to how Congressman Barney "I like young boys"
Frank tries to explain there's nothing to worry about. At the end, even
Bill Clinton blames the mess on his fellow Democrats.



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