[StBernard] Why?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Mar 28 23:48:15 EDT 2009

"Why are we giving OUR money to ANY bank so that they can LOAN it BACK to US
at INTEREST? Me GIVING you a dime so that you can LOAN me a dime and then
me "re-paying" your dime plus a penny seems VERY foolish to me. And yet,
that is exactly what we're doing with these "bailouts"! -Tom"

Jer Responds:

Yes, with the bailouts the government in power can still up the ante with
Senatorial and Congressional pay raises while everyone else suffers. Our
debt grows because those "in charge" are being too "liberal" with the
taxpayer's money. Chinese and Japanese governments are going to call in the
debt we owe them and we can expect bankruptcy/hyperinflationary situations
where our money will be as worthless as a confederate dollar.

On top of this, expect O-B-1-He-told-me to work strategically with
developing a new world order (scary, huh???).

With this in mind, there already is serious discussions by he and his new
treasury secretary, Geithner to work with world governments on the matter,
including a one-world-order unified system of currency.

Imagine every government worldwide using the same currency exchange (as was
evident by Europe's move to establish the EURO for their money throughout
Europe?)? Well, many governments are already considering the plan including
Russia and other eastern nations as well as the United Nations.

Folks, unless we abhor and challenge this pitiful plan, it's on the table to
become a reality.

There does the dollar, the monetary system and capitalistic system of
government (and we go, the domino effect is to see other nations fall in
line with the U.S.

Hence, a leader chosen for one world order. From a biblical historical
perspective, it's all written (and let it be done) in prophecy.

Like in Ripley's Believe It OR Not!? --expect it. The wheels of progress
this past 2 months are unstoppable with no challenge.


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