[StBernard] Liverpool students join forces with Louisiana band

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Wed Apr 29 23:14:30 EDT 2009

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Liverpool students join forces with Louisiana band
04/29/2009 10:49 AM
By: Web Staff

LIVERPOOL, N.Y.--- The jazz bands from Liverpool and Chalmette High Schools
are joining forces this week. Liverpool is playing host to students from the
New Orleans area school after visiting Chalmette last year.

The visitors arrived from Louisiana Tuesday night and are now spending an
action packed five days here. They are playing in several concerts and
getting a chance to see what life is like in Central New York.

The band directors of the two high schools say the visit is all about
exposing their students to something new.

"Most of our kids have never been out of Chalmette, Louisiana. So when we
take them especially as far as New York, it's an eye opener to see what's
out there in the world," Chalmette Band Director Jason Rusk said.

"It's kind of like what music's all about, when you can get kids who are
from 1,000 miles away and they all have something in common, and they're all
working together," said James Spadafore, the Liverpool Band Director.

The bands play their first concert together at 7:30 Thursday night at
Liverpool High School.

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