[StBernard] Other Countries Don't Deserve a Bailout with Your Tax Dollars

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue May 19 21:16:33 EDT 2009

Dear Friend,

As our economy struggles and we build massive amounts of debt from bailouts
of Wall Street and the automotive industry, the Obama administration and
Washington bureaucrats want to expand taxpayer bailouts - now to other
countries around the world.

The Obama administration has proposed a ten-fold expansion - from $50 to
$500 billion - of an emergency international fund that loans money to bail
out troubled countries like Sudan, Pakistan, Ukraine and Takijistan, as
well as potentially other countries with questionable allegiances to the
United States.

We would have to borrow another $100 billion from China to bail out these
foreign countries. This makes no sense when we are already facing record
debt and millions of Americans continue to struggle with employment here at
home. Worse, we have no clear indication that these struggling nations
will ever be in a position to pay back these loans, creating even more
unneeded strain on America's fiscal stability.

American taxpayers already see a generous amount of their hard earned money
being lent to foreign entities each year in the form of other foreign aid
like that which goes to the United Nations. We shouldn't be asked to put
the rest of the world's struggling economies on our backs while we face our
own economic challenges here at home.

The Obama administration's strategy to get this funding request passed into
law is to attach it to the emergency war funding bill that will be debated
in the U.S. Senate this week. I'll be working with other concerned
senators to fight to strip this provision, which frankly has nothing to do
with the continued funding of the mission of our brave men and women
defending our freedom abroad.

David Vitter
U.S. Senator

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