[StBernard] Domino Sugar 100th Anniversary!

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri May 22 22:33:55 EDT 2009

Chalmette Refinery of the American Sugar Refining

Celebrates 100 years of sugar refining

Speeches, a monument and a contribution to local recreation efforts mark

Commemorating 100 years of sugar refining in St. Bernard Parish, the
Chalmette Refinery of the American Sugar Refining Inc. held a Centennial
Celebration May 18 on the refinery grounds complete with speeches, a
monument dedication, a donation for local recreation and a really elaborate

The event held on May 18 followed a successful first annual Old Arabi Sugar
Fest on May 17 on the nearby grounds of the LeBeau Plantation, all meant to
mark the one century mark of the refinery's contribution to the area. Domino
Sugar's Chalmette Refinery produces more than 7 million pounds of sugar per
day and is now the largest sugar refinery in the world.

"The refinery and its people are indicative of the spirit of this community
- one that continues to thrive," St. Bernard Parish President Craig P.
Taffaro Jr. said. "As you go, so do we."

American Sugar Refining, Inc., the owner of DOMINO brand sugar, suffered
flooding at its refinery in Old Arabi from Hurricane Katrina and many of its
employees also had their homes flooded. However, American Sugar devoted all
available resources towards resuming the refinery's operations, and the
plant reopened in 98 days and retained its customers as a testament to the
resilience of the company and its workforce.

That tenacity was celebrated by all at Monday's event, and Plant Manager
Pete Maraia read a plaque monument that was created to mark the event: "From
its inception in 1905 to its first pound of Refined Cane Sugar on May 17,
1909, and for the last 100 years, the Chalmette Refinery has accomplished
many great achievements and has been undaunted by both manmade and natural
disasters. Its signature "The Can do Refinery," its vastness and its
Southern charm are well recognized through the world. What makes Chalmette
special is its people. The have demonstrated courage, sacrifice and resolve
in the most challenging of times promising the next 100 years to be bright
and timeless."

Several company officials spoke of the refinery's strengths to the company
and community, and Maraia accepted letters of congratulations sent from
federal and state officials. President Taffaro offered a presidential
commendation and Councilman Ray Lauga offered a council proclamation
honoring Domino Sugar.

President Taffaro and Councilman Lauga accepted a $20,000 donation that the
refinery made in honor of the centennial to the St. Bernard Community
Foundation that will be used to buy a new scoreboard and for improvements to
the Val Riess Baseball Complex in Chalmette.


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