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Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society began the process of
restoring the Esteves House in 2001 when the house was moved from its
original location to Los Islenos Museum Complex. The house was a gift to the
Society from August and Bertin Esteves and was built by their paternal
grandfather, August Esteves. The restoration effort had gained considerable
momentum immediately before Hurricane Katrina devastated St. Bernard Parish
August 29, 2005.

August Esteves was born in St. Bernard Village in 1874. He was a sugar
boiler, vegetable farmer and St. Bernard deputy sheriff. Esteves died in the
line of duty as a deputy sheriff at Violet in 1923. Three children were born
to August Esteves and his wife, Marguerite Pierson, one of whom died in
infancy. August Esteves built the Esteves House ca. 1894 after an older
house on the site burned.

Los Islenos Society signed a contract with Charles R. Robin III,
Robin's Custom Remodeling, to finish the restoration of the Esteves House in
February 2009. Sam Curtis, a volunteer from Camp Hope, glazed and installed
windows, French doors and mantels in the Esteves House during the autumn of
2008 thus renewing the restoration effort. The Society is utilizing funding
which it has raised from festivals and other sources to complete the

The Society will establish its office in the Esteves House once the
restoration is completed. Los Islenos Society has had a limited presence at
Los Islenos Museum Complex since Huurcane Katrina. Los Islenos Fiesta
returned to the museum complex following Katrina in 2008.

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