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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Jul 18 10:56:52 EDT 2009

Since Wayne Landry owns a nursing home, you can bet he has a personal
interest or angle in this new hospital that will somehow work out to his
personal liking. Let's see how what started out with a good idea as a
citizenry board will get all screwed up.


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>As the two took their seats for the first time at Wednesday's meeting,

>fellow Board Commissioner James DiFatta offered a motion of nomination

>for Mr. Landry to replace the existing Chairman, Danny Dysart.

Well, well, well...the dynamic duo becomes a triumvirate.


I wonder when they'll decide to change the location of the hospital to
something more to Mr. Landry's liking.

Offhand, does anyone know if the inquiry to the State Ethics Board ever
returned a decision on Landry and Cavignac being able to sit on the board
while also serving on the Council?

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