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Health Care:

Government-Run Health Care Plan Worse Than Anyone Imagined

Legal_Update<http://www.cfif.org/htdocs/Images/icons/newleg.jpg> Democrats
in the House of the Representatives this week introduced their
long-anticipated plan to reform the nation's health care system. Simply put,
it is worse than anyone could have imagined.

Euphemistically titled "America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009,"
the 1,018-page bill is filled with massive tax hikes to be levied against
individuals and small businesses. It expands on and creates brand new
federal bureaucracies empowered with overseeing your family's health care
decisions - if not charged with making those decisions for you. And,
according to Investor Business Daily, "[r]ight there on Page 16 is a
provision making individual private medical insurance illegal" if you leave
your current plan and wish to buy private individual insurance for yourself
and your family.

That's before factoring in that nearly 120 million people will be forced off
their private insurance and into a government-run plan while still leaving
34 million Americans uninsured. Or the fact that the legislation comes with
a $1 trillion to $2 trillion price tag.

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Confirmation Watch:

Like President, Like Nominee: Obama and Sotomayor Render Language
Increasingly Meaningless

Legal_Update<http://www.cfif.org/htdocs/Images/icons/hammer.jpg> In his
brief political prime, Barack Obama has already established new lows in the
art of dishonesty.

While mesmerizing audiences with soothing teleprompted speeches and a
hypnotic cadence, the disconnect between his words and his actions is
already well-established. And now, in her first week of Senate confirmation
testimony, Judge Sonia Sotomayor has demonstrated that the fruit doesn't
fall far from the proverbial tree.

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Freedom Line:

Obama Gets it Right in Ghana ... Wrong in America

Legal_Update<http://www.cfif.org/htdocs/Images/icons/freedomline.jpg> In
the spirit of American meritocracy, even those of us who usually line up in
opposition to President Obama owe it to the man to point out when he's done
something right. The President's speech in Accra, Ghana, last week was just
such a success.

What's most notable about Obama's July 11 remarks before the Ghanaian
Parliament is how sharply they diverged from the usual products of the
paint-by-numbers Obama speechwriting kit. That formula is usually as

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National Security:

"Dick Cheney Did It"

Legal_Update<http://www.cfif.org/htdocs/Images/icons/fireworks1.jpg> "Dick
Cheney did it."

No matter who says that, where, when or how, the liberal reaction is always
the same. The crowd goes wild.

But what is it exactly that Dick Cheney did this time?

To understand what Dick Cheney allegedly did this time, one must first
confront what Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi assuredly did several months
ago. She got her political witching britches tied in a hard knot when she
tried, in several progressive iterations, to deny being briefed by the CIA
way back when on enhanced interrogation techniques, or "torture" if you
believe Dick Cheney did it with former President George W. Bush pouring the
water and tipping the board.

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Federal Issues:

If at First You Don't Succeed, Spend and Spend Some More

Legal_Update<http://www.cfif.org/htdocs/Images/icons/dollar.jpg> Potomac
Fever: some would define it as a determination to share in the power and
prestige of the federal government. Others might characterize it with words
like obstinance, incorrigibility and simple pig-headedness.

Undoubtedly, Washington loves power. But when it comes to admitting the
error of its ways, ignorance is bliss in the nation's capital.

For example, recent rumblings have indicated that some members of President
Obama's economic team might be pushing for yet another taxpayer-funded
stimulus package.

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A Billion Here, a Trillion There: Washington's Misguided Economic Policy

Legal<http://www.cfif.org/podcasts/02.jpg> Recently, Center for Individual
Freedom Director of Public Policy Sam Batkins joined CFIF's Renee Giachino
to discuss the state of the economy, unemployment and the Obama
Administration's economic policy.

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Editorial Cartoons:

The Cartoons of Michael Ramirez


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CFIF History & Civics Quiz:

Question of the Week
Freedom Line<http://www.cfif.org/htdocs/Images/icons/feather1.jpg>
Which President's Supreme Court nominee was the first to fail Senate

(a) George W. Bush
(b) George Washington
(c) Franklin D. Roosevelt
(d) Ronald Reagan

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Jester's Courtroom: Tales Stranger Than Fiction
Featuring bizarre and sometimes humorous real life stories from the

OMG: We R Suing

pg> Walking and texting may be hazardous to your health. So hazardous that
you may just have to sue. And that's exactly what the parents of 15-year-old
Alexa Longueira have done.

According to news reports, Alexa was so busy tapping out a text message on
her cell phone while walking along Victory Boulevard in Staten Island that
she didn't see the open manhole ahead of her.

You guessed it. She fell in.

The Department of Environmental Protection ("DEP") said its workers had
turned away briefly to grab some warning cones. "We regret that this
happened and wish the young woman a speedy recovery," DEP spokeswoman
Mercedes Padilla said in a statement.

Alexa suffered some scrapes on her arms and back. "It was four or five feet,
it was very painful. I kind of crawled out and the DEP guys came running and
helped me," Alexa said. "They were just like, 'I'm sorry! I'm sorry!'"

Now Alexa's parents are suing. "Oh my God, it was putrid. One of her
sneakers is still down there," her mother, Kim Longueira, said.

Source: nbcnewyork.com

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Notable Quotes:

Quote of the Week

Walter E. Williams, Author, Economist and Professor of Economics, On
Cap-and-Trade Legislation:

"'Cap and trade' is first a massive indirect tax on the American people and
hence another source of revenue for Congress. More importantly 'cap and
trade' is just about the most effective tool for controlling most economic
activity short of openly declaring ourselves a communist nation and it's a
radical environmentalist's dream come true."

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