[StBernard] Tax Millage Rollup/ Highway Updates

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Aug 13 20:41:13 EDT 2009

As you know from previous e-mails, many taxing entities are conducting
meetings in August to vote on increasing their tax millages.
Congratulations are in order to the Harbor Center in Slidell and Recreation
District Number Four in Lacombe for voting to not increase their millages.
Fire District 3 in Lacombe did vote to increase its millage and
unfortunately its meeting was held the same night (an hour difference) as
the Lacombe Recreation District meeting, which required citizens, including
myself to bounce between the meetings. Although this was probably
coincidental, I'll be offering legislation next year to prohibit coterminous
taxing districts from having millage rollup meetings on the same day. I
think it is also important that taxing districts have the most current
projected property tax revenue before voting on millage increases. Both of
the taxing districts at last night's meetings had incorrect figures which
underestimated their projected property tax revenue. The schedule of
subsequent tax millage meetings appears below:
Fire District # 1
Tuesday, 8/18 at 5:30pm
34780 S. Range Road
Slidell, LA
Fire District # 4
Tuesday, 8/18 at 6:00pm
Regional Training Facility
1810 North Lane Dr. (off Hwy 190)
Mandeville, LA
St. Tammany Parish Govt.
Thursday, 9/3 at 6:00pm
21490 Koop Dr.
Mandeville, LA
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office
Wednesday, 8/26 at 10:00am
701 N. Columbia St.
Covington, LA

1088 Interchange Project set to be let August 26, 2009

The contract for the development of the new 1088 Interchange is set to be
let on August 26, 2009, allowing the contractors to begin bidding on this
project. Work will begin sometime in the fall of 2009 to begin the building
of this interchange. This interchange has been sorely needed for a number of
years, particularly with the traffic from the newly opened Lakeshore High
School located at 26301 Hwy. 1088 in Mandeville, as well as Marigny
Elementary, located at 1715 Viola Street.

The interchange will provide an additional access point to I-12 in St.
Tammany Parish by constructing where LA 1088 currently crosses over I-12.
The new interchange will be 3 miles east of the LA 59 interchange and 5
miles west of the LA 434 interchange. In the area of the interchange, LA
1088 will be a four-lane divided highway with 12 ft. travel lanes, 10 ft.
outside shoulders and 4 ft. paved inside shoulders. LA 1088 will transition
from a four-lane divided highway to the existing two-lane highway north and
south of the proposed interchange. There will be two LA 1088 bridge
structures crossing I-12 in this

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