[StBernard] Metairie man booked with stalking in Chalmette case

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Thu Aug 13 20:48:36 EDT 2009

Metairie man booked with stalking in Chalmette case
by The Times-Picayune
Thursday August 13, 2009, 4:12 PM

A Metairie man was booked in St. Bernard Parish with stalking for allegedly
twice following a Chalmette woman and taking photographs of her, the St.
Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office.

Glenn M. Marino, 49, 5017 Utica St., was booked Wednesday with stalking, the
Sheriff's Office said Thursday. He was in the St. Bernard Parish Prison in
Chalmette in lieu of a $15,000 cash bond, the Sheriff's Office said.

The 32-year-old woman told deputies that Marino followed her from a
Chalmette grocery store to her home's driveway several weeks ago and several
days ago followed her to a Chalmette pharmacy parking lot. She identified
Marino from a photo lineup as the man she saw taking photos of her both
times, the Sheriff's Office said.

The woman, who Marino did not know, the Sheriff's Office said, was able to
get the license number on his pickup truck the second time. Authorities
traced the vehicle to Marino and a criminal records check showed he had
previous arrests in a past incident for attempted rape and kidnapping, Chief
Deputy Sheriff James Pohlmann said. While he wasn't prosecuted on those
charges, Marino was convicted of battery in that incident.

Before deputies could locate Marino, someone at the pharmacy alerted the
Sheriff's Office on Aug. 12 that the man was back in the parking lot,
Pohlmann said. A responding deputy detained Marino at the scene and found a
camera in his vehicle.

Marino told detectives he often parked in the pharmacy lot during his lunch
hour and said he took photos of the front of the business with a digital
camera and a cell phone camera to compare their resolutions, then downloaded
them onto a computer.

Detectives booked Marino on the stalking charge, which is a felony, and also
obtained a search warrant from a judge to search electronic devices found in
Marino's vehicle.

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