[StBernard] "The Story of Stuff" - and other intentional lies

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Sep 24 21:11:43 EDT 2009

Just to point out some of the absurdities and lies this video expresses to
our school children, it insults the intelligence of every adult by telling
the children..."while other countries focus most of their money on things
like healthcare and education, the United States spends 50 cents of every
dollar on WAR, etc. etc." Well, this is an outright lie - and the producer
of this video, Annie Leonard, a former Greenpeace activist-wacko, knows it.
The U.S. spends only 20 cents of each dollar on "Defense", not WAR as she
puts it.

And she fails to mention HALF of that 20 cents is on Military Salaries,
healthcare and insurance for each military personnel, and expenditures on
civilian employees of the military. There's also humitarian expenditures
when the military goes in to help after after natural disaster - like
hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, etc. After all is said and done, less
than 10 cents of each tax dollar is spent on actual guns, jet fighters,
bombs, etc. But this liberal, lying bitch will have your child growing up
thinking what a horrible place the United States is and we shouldn't spend
ANY money on our security and safety.

did it when he formed the Hitler Youth Corp. As he and Joseph Stalin put
it, you have to start brainwashing them while their young.

Next, she talks about how the U.S. Government makes companies who
manufacture pillow cases use a "toxic chemcical" to make it retard fire.
What this stupid bitch intentionally fails to tell our school children is it
was people "just like her" who about 25 years ago petitioned the U.S.
government to pass such a law. She also conveniently failed to mention that
the chemical levels are so safe that a flea could live in your pillow case
for years and never react to it, let alone a human being. BUT, by all
means, let's scare our children to be afraid to go to sleep at night because
"their pillow case will kill them."

This video is not only misleading our children, it's just plain insulting.
Everyone needs to watch it then contact their respective school board member
in their parish to make certain none our children see it.


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I'm curious to know if anyone has heard about this horrible video that has
been making its way into our public school for students to view - it's
called "The Story of Stuff." It's produced by the Tides Foundation, a
well-known "save the earth" group that has had board members over the years
who are self admitted communists - many of them from extremist groups like
Greenpeace and ACORN. Most of the people affiliated with this video are
close to Barack Obama, need I say more.

If you've not heard of this video, then you need to go to Youtube and key in
a search for it - it's there to watch. I think you're going to react to it
the same way I have and millions of Americans who have learned about this
video from Fox News Channel and various talk show hosts, such as Glenn Beck.
It is full of lies intended to mislead and miseducate our school children
into believing the United States is a horrible place, that capitalism is a
bad thing and the cause for all our nation's problems...and it goes on and
on with one lie after the next - believe me, I wish I was exaggerating.
Yet, this crap is making its way into our schools.

You really need to watch this video - it's not that long. Once you watch
it, I'm sure you will agree that each of needs to contact our local school
board member and bring to their attention what this video's hidden agenda is
really all about - the indoctrination of our children into Obama's way of
thinking, i.e. communism.

You see, Obama and all his radical cohorts figure you never ask what your
children are being shown in school - after all, this video is short and it's
not part of the local school board's official lesson plan...so some of the
liberal teachers simple "sneak it in" during one of the class periods. We
need to start asking question to our school board members about this video -
and they in turn need to find out if this video has been shown by any
teachers. If so, school board members need to take proper disciplinary

We need to get angry about this and stop this video dead in its

- John Scurich

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