[StBernard] "The Story of Stuff" - and other intentional lies

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 27 10:25:08 EDT 2009

Yes, I know. Only Glenn can use this entertainment way of getting serious
subjects to float to the surface.

The liberal media is going extremely out their way to embarrass him,
ridicule him, discredit him and make him look stupid, so to speak.
Especially good at this is MSNBC/NBC. Keith Olbermann is especially good at
character assassination when someone doesn't deserve it or when he can't
figure out what's entirely in Glenn's mind. It is literally driving him nuts
trying to do so.

The other homosexual, Rachel Maddow is almost far left with Keith Olbermann
that it's uncanny that they're not further left to the center than OB1kNO-b
(but close, I suspect). Partners, sort of like "Heckyl and Jeckyl" (cartoon

They are both so envious of the superb ratings generated by Fox and Beck
that it's probably hard to get acceptable sleep at night. Glenn's truly got
a conservative movement going that is not only revitalizing conservative
(galvanizing the effort to awaken the sleeping giant, so to speak), but he's
fastly becoming a folk hero in this age of enlightenment we're experiencing
these days.

At any rate, regarding schools who "practice" all the "liberal arts"
associated with Socialism, Marxism and communistic tendencies: be aware of
caring people who do not wish their children to be indoctrinated. Ask
teachers what they're teaching your kids, which movies they plan to show in
each school year. Ask children to share what they've heard or seen in
class/school. Be proactive as to what seems improperly geared to socialist

Remember, if these schools are content to leave God out of the equation,
they must be prepared to face parents as well who will not stand for their
children being allowed to literally swallow liberal indoctrinated, political

That is, unless any of you love your kids to become radicals, socialists or
"patrons of the state" (and puppets of governmental control). Having
happened already in history does not guarantee a repeat will not be part of
the present and future.



It was on Glenn Beck's show that I learned about this. I'm curious to know
if anyone out there knows if this has been shown in any schools in Louisiana
- and in which parishes and schools.


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