[StBernard] How Bad **IS** the Economy?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Oct 9 07:32:43 EDT 2009

"The economy is so bad... ...women are having sex with men again because
they can't afford the
batteries for their vibrators. --Westley.

Jer Responds: I suppose we can call this 2-cents "a difference in the
generation gap".

I wouldn't have used this racy, and crass "joke" in public any more than I
would use it before my mother's attention (or priest) or friends. Again, I
suppose that's how each generation weakens what's left of taste or morality.
I can recall my generation doing things my mother or family deemed crude and
immoral. I thought that THEY were dinosaurs because they objected to me
using the word "Hell" in anger or "cuteness". I never knew how distasteful
IT was until I matured. Then I realize that I shouldn't use that word but in
its proper usage (non-cursive).

However, somehow, I remember blasphemy. People started using God's name in
vein in every sentence (today, to begin each sentence) and to end somewhere
with 4-letter words.

I've been tempted many times, but somehow God gives me a conscience to not
let my standards and morals relax to the point I see on television: people
using language, sex and violence to get a laugh or titillation.

"Once again, I must say: it must be I'm getting older or others are being
desensitized to relaxing their own standards somewhat. I can't say. And, if
I slip somehow, I try to add a prayer of remorse. It helps me feel better
and I know places me a little closer to any grace of God because of my

But then, it's only my "2-cents". ;^(


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