[StBernard] Barack Obama has failed to defeat conservatism in America

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 28 08:26:16 EDT 2009

The correct definition to that of a "Conservative" is this:

Anything that politically is disliked by a
liberal/socialist/Marxist/Communist. (and vice versa as conservatism is the
exact opposite of Marxist philosophy).

To be a "republican these days", one might waiver to liberal ideology to
please a portion of "political correctness", constituency, or a weakness in
standards. Therefore, consider oneself a conservative if what you believe in
is abhorrent to morals/belief system/and faith.

Not to quiver, but to stand strong by what you feel is righteous vs. a
socialist opponent (remember, the term "liberal" is passé and thus has gone
extremist left in worldviews, viewpoints and opinions).

Therefore, to disregard the Almighty in any manner (no matter how minute it
may seem) is to join the ranks of socialists/atheists, etc.

If one should fall from grace or be tempted from his/her staunch
conservative standpoint, one should stand back up and resume the rite of
passage towards favor of God. (ex. Adultery, corruptness, criminal activity
and so forth).

ie. Satan and

>>>>>GOD/Conservatism and enlightenment. One has to ardently work toward

goodness, no matter the outcome. At least you will know that what you aim to
achieve has been considered in your heart to be the correct decision to that
Yes. No one is perfect. However, it is perfection that should be our goal,
whether we fall from grace permanently or stand tall and run the course. Our
Maker has outlined very clearly what we must do no matter the earthly

Which side will you take?


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