[StBernard] How the liberal Democrats deceive on healthcare

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Nov 15 21:15:12 EST 2009

I started to bring you up Westley as a hypothetical since I remembered
reading how you had your health ins. via your wife's teaching job and ask
how you would handle it if you **didn't** have health insurance through

And honestly, I don't think you'd find a policy that would cover you, your
wife and the kids for that $650/month. If you did, it would most likely be
one of those high deductible policies or something tied into the HSA thing
(Health Savings Account). With a child (or do you all have a couple?) the
high deductible thing might put you in the poor house before you met those
deductibles. I've hardly ever seen a parent with children who didn't have
to use an E.R. at one time or another with falls, bike accidents or
something similar.



And therein lies the problem. Insurance is tied to the job. Why?
Because of
tax policy.

Insurance coverage, paid by the employer is non-taxable income. If
employer gave you the cash to buy your own policy, it becomes
income. This has been the policy since the end of WWII.

If you change the policy so that everyone can deduct from their
whatever they spend on health insurance, the whole game would

I have health insurance through my wife's job. Are we happy with it?
but we have no other option.

I'm sure we could find a much better policy for the $500 we spend
plus the
$150 employer kick-in, but we can't afford to pay taxes on that $500
or take
the $150 loss that her employer pays.

Instead of the government taking over the health industry, they
should be
getting out of it. Free the tax code is the first thing to do.


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