[StBernard] How the liberal Democrats deceive onhealthcarestatistics

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Nov 15 21:23:50 EST 2009

"And as far as those long lines to wait for a doctor and stuff...I grew up
a military family and we got treated at the base hospital or dispensary when
needed. Everybody waited in line. --JY"

Jer Responds:

There is a considerable difference, JY about getting to wait in line for
free service (like the military or charitable institution) and paying for a
service and get the "charitable institution" services (like a private

Last year I spent 8 hrs waiting with my son at a charity hospital because he
was in school but not on my insurance plan any longer.

Then, they told me to come back the next day I had to return the 60 mile
round trip, and I again waited another 9 hrs with him. Until getting
completed service.

There IS a considerable difference between "not getting what you pay for"
and "getting what you felt you should get".

Being out of work and not having medical coverage is the same as one's son
no longer having insurance coverage on one's policy and either getting a
bill which you cannot pay for or going to a charitable hospital. Both suck.

However, being out of work in either of our cases doesn't give us
entitlement and not a right in the U.S. Constitution. In my case, we waited
long periods of time. This is indicative (Universal Health Care) to
socialized medicine or "share the wealth", "share the benefits of
government", and since there are other in place socialized institutions such
as "Social" Security, Welfare, unemployment benefits, charity hospitals and
many others brought in to begin establishing a welfare/socialist state of
entities and entitlements, proper planning or else use of these
establishments is what's offered.

Other services are either "Glinda, the Good Witch of Oz" or the U.S. pied
piper (aka "Obama, the magnificent" "chosen one".) who is going to lead us
down the path to oblivion of which can never be reversed.

It looks like December 21, 2112 can't come quick enough.


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