[StBernard] How the liberal Democrats deceive on healthcare

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Nov 15 21:37:40 EST 2009


I think if everyone was able to get health insurance on their own without
going through their employer, health insurance would be a lot cheaper.

Think about it. Look at the "non-essential" medical field and how prices
have come down. Lasik eye surgery. Plastic surgery, especially the weight
loss ones like lap band and gastric by-pass. None of these are essential, so
the doctors have to be competitive to gain the business.

I often laugh at how Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS run ad after ad trying to
entice folks with lower cost prescriptions. I know for me, it doesn't make
any difference which one I go to since my insurance determines the price I
am going to pay. Right now Walgreens wins because of their 24-hour service
and the fact that I can get a refill from any Walgreens. If CVS were to
start doing these two things, I would look at them also.

The problem is there is a big disconnect between those receiving the service
and who's paying the bill. And with government regulations the way they are,
it is really hard to do any type of price comparison for something that is
covered by insurance. Especially since, lord forbid, I was to make a deal
with my local pharmacy and I was able to get a bigger discount than my
neighbor. The horrors and injustice such a scenario would portray is just
too much for many people to even consider.

By the way, just read an article in Forbes FYI magazine about a couple of
awesome resorts in St. Lucie that start at $600 night. For all expenses
paid, one week a year, round-trip airfare for the rest of my life, I might
consider Obamacare.


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I started to bring you up Westley as a hypothetical since I remembered
reading how you had your health ins. via your wife's teaching job and ask
how you would handle it if you **didn't** have health insurance through

And honestly, I don't think you'd find a policy that would cover you, your
wife and the kids for that $650/month. If you did, it would most likely be
one of those high deductible policies or something tied into the HSA thing
(Health Savings Account). With a child (or do you all have a couple?) the
high deductible thing might put you in the poor house before you met those
deductibles. I've hardly ever seen a parent with children who didn't have
to use an E.R. at one time or another with falls, bike accidents or
something similar.


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