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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Nov 24 22:10:58 EST 2009

Having studied political philosophy, theory, ideology and governments, I see
very little differences in the achievement of the aims and goals of a

Many have achieved their goals through violent means to an end. (ie, French,
American, Cuban Russian Revolutions. In 0-B-1's situation, his mentors
formulated an opinion and ideology which could be the similar result -
Chaotic takeover.

He grappled with this during the course of his life, accepting combinations,
bits and pieces if you would, to form a solid opinion. He knew if he
gathered the charismatic attribute of former leaders (Martin Luther King
with peaceful non-violence, who ironically stole his modus operandi from
Ghandi), he could achieve the masses who were peaceful.

If he gathered the hateful, violent nature of Marist (Karl Marx, Lenin,
Engles, the French revolutionary leaders), the shedding of blood would
cleanse the old bureaucracy and replace it with the working class.

A method of such was Castro with the Cuban Revolution of 1959 towards his
dictatorial goal and the socialist/communism aftermath. Blood- letting by
giving his followers something to fight towards.

On the other hand, (and although a political contradiction), Nazism's Hitler
refused to use the "sword" to win his battle of supremacy. He let the people
raise him up through democratic means to be the "chancellor" and "fuehrer".
He formulated his ideas in Mein Kampf (My Struggle) which would ultimately
lead him to his Nationalist Socialist Party.

But in 0-B-1's ideology, timing placed him historically into the limelight.
Consider contrastingly, how the conditions were ripe to the picking as the
French Revolution, Russian Revolution and others had similar characteristics
prior to "change" having taken placed to totally transform their nation to
socialism. Then one can truly grasp the concept of where we're headed:

Causes of a revolution must include all of the following:

1. Resentment of royal absolutism.

--wasn't America royalty in power to the world's viewpoints? Total
domination of strength before the world? O-B-1 also chose the
socialist/liberal ideology which has undermined our school system's
teachings of indoctrination of children for decades to this end. Make them
accept peaceful co-existence, flower-power mentality, appeasement to war (is
how Hitler overthrew many countries in the world, but what America's
viewpoint consisted, prior to being drawn into WWI and II though provocation
on us).

2. Resentment of the seigneurial system by peasants, wage-earners, and a
rising bourgeoisie.

The French and Russians knew that when conditions were ripe, they could
convince those who had no work, were poor, or saw the upper class as a demon
which needed toppling. 0-B-1's manipulation of the youth, the stupid and
once "liberals" (now socialist) through electronic communications and word
of mouth ("Change") could achieve his means to an end.

3. The rise of enlightenment ideals.

O-B-1 was born as the Anti-Christ to rise the nation to a pinnacle higher
than God himself. (and truly, most who see him as the Chosen One, the
Savior, the "Christ's coming" has themselves no religion, but an idol in
which to believe). O-B-1's enlightenment of ideology ran off with the ideals
of one-world-government formulated to that end. Jesus once said
(paraphrasing), consider the sign of the times, the wind blowing, leaves
falling, and one should realize that bad weather is brewing or a storm

4. An unmanageable national debt, both caused by and exacerbating the burden
of a grossly inequitable system of taxation.

0-B-1 was born out of the country at the right time. By the time he's
reached maturity, America was on a downward trend towards big government
abuse to the nation, insurmountable national debt and with his new plan, and
a never reaching fiscal responsibility. It is his way to pull his ideals
over the American people, then tax them to death to pay for his socialist
programs. Who else is going to do it, if not for the treasury grabbing every
penny it can and use it to their advantage for socialism?

5. Food scarcity in the years immediately before the revolution.

With every disaster, every cataclysmic event (stock market crashing,
double-digit inflation and unemployment), etc. people are frantically
seeking refuge in their panicked condition. Knowing and hearing of foods
shortages and ever-rising costs which gobble up our paycheck faster than a
hungry animal can devour his meal--it's a catalyst for some sort of
revolution (peaceful or violent).

Which one it will be as time elapses depends upon economic conditions,
peoples' continued acceptance of radical, highly motivated, charismatic and
Czars being the variables to that end.

History does repeat itself, and if this sounds crazy - read your history


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