[StBernard] Democrats turning up the "BIG LIE MACHINE"

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Dec 19 21:57:51 EST 2009

Well, the big, lying Demwits Party is turning up the juice to the Lie
Machine. They are running a commercial where you see a lie detector machine
and claim the CBO (Congressional Budge Office) claims the new healthcare
reform bill will lower the deficit....WRONG!!! The CBO has sent no less
than 3 letters to members of Congress over the past 6 weeks, each saying the
Senate or House version of the healthcare reform bill will INCREASE the
budget and annual deficit spending which will add to the national debt.
What?...they don't think people actually read some of this stuff from the
CBO in the news?

Next, the say medical decisions will always remain between you and your
doctor. What they don't tell you is while your doctor might give the okay
of whatever medical procedure you need, that does NOT mean the spending on
it will be approved...that still has to be approved by whatever
adminstrative panel (in each state) decides. They also conveniently fail to
mention their is "rationing" of the healthcare budget...that means if they
run out of funds in September and you absolutely need a medical procedure
before the end of the year, then you are SOL. Don't believe it, read the
bill. This is precisely the reason why people from Canada come to the US
for medical care, because they are denied spending on their "doctor
approved" procedure because the panel rations the budget.

The next LIE..."they scare you that the Medicare budget will be cut, but
this reform actually PROTECTS Medicare - even the AARP has verified
this".....NOT!!!!!! Both versions of the bill cuts Medicare benefits by
$500,000 - even the CBO backs this up. This also goes to show what a
sell-out "spread your legs WHORE" the AARP has become.

I also love the other commercial saying "If real people were in Congress"
and where what appears to be everyday citizens are members of the House and
Senate and they talk about how wonderful the healthcare reform bill is.
Well, they forget one little, simple thing....IF REAL PEOPLE WERE IN THE
BILLS. This is backed up by all 5 major national polling services.

ALSO, one other little detail they leave out. Neither version of the
healthcare reform bills make in mandatory for any doctor or hospital to
accept the government option. In other words, any doctor or hospital is
free to accept or reject the government option plan just as they presently
do with any private insurance carrier. Bet you didn't realize that? So the
question has to be raised....what if doctors and hospitals say they are not
going to accept anyone who has the government option healthcare plan??????
Don't think this is true???? You do know, don't you, that doctors presently
aren't mandated to accept medicaid or medicare...it's up to if they wish to
accept it.


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