[StBernard] Sen. Landrieu goes "On the Record," and other news

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Fri Mar 19 23:51:12 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,

Although health care seems to be the hot topic in Washington these
days, I've been hard at work helping small businesses to create jobs,
fighting for money for our schools, and making sure those less well-off
don't get left behind. Read on to see what I've been up to, and don't miss
my interview with Greta Van Susteren from last night.

Senate to Consider Landrieu Small Business Measures

b.png> As the Chair of the Senate Committee on Small Business and
Entrepreneurship, Sen. Landrieu is leading the charge in Congress to
stimulate job creation through aid to small businesses. Last week, she
penned and Op/Ed
00055668.4955.3&gen=1&mailing_linkid=8211> in the Washington Times. This
week, Sen. Landrieu took to the Senate floor
00055668.4955.3&gen=1&mailing_linkid=8212> to push for jobs legislation
that would include a series of bi-partisan measures that would benefit small
and independent businesses.

To watch her floor speech, click here
00055668.4955.3&gen=1&mailing_linkid=8213> .

La. Advances To Final Round For "Race to the Top" Funds

Louisiana has advanced to the final round
00055668.4955.3&gen=1&mailing_linkid=8214> of the Race for the Top
education improvement program, moving the state closer to receiving a share
of $4.35 billion set aside for school improvements. Fifteen finalist states
were selected from a pool of 40.

"I'm very excited to see Louisiana in the finals on this," Sen. Landrieu
said, calling it the result of a 20-year effort to improve public education.
"Louisiana has been leading this effort." If Louisiana is among those states
selected, 28 school districts and 56 charter schools could receive funding.

Sen. Landrieu Goes "On The Record"

Last night, Sen. Landrieu appeared on Fox News's "On the Record with Greta
Van Susteren" to discuss health care reform and offer a vigorous defense of
the Louisiana Medicaid fix she inserted into the health bill at the request
of the Jindal administration
00055668.4955.3&gen=1&mailing_linkid=8215> .

To watch Greta's interview, click here
00055668.4955.3&gen=1&mailing_linkid=8216> .

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