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David Martin, Executive Vice President




Click here to access "TV's Tea Party Travesty" - an exclusive report by the
MRC. <http://www.mrcaction.org/r.asp?U=27033&CID=550&RID=21894530>

Ignore ... Dismiss ... Attack.

That has been the liberal media's approach to one of the fastest-growing and
most influential political movements in recent years.

It began on Febraury 19, 2009, when CNBC contributor Rick Santelli pointed
the finger of blame at our federal government and asked viewers, "How many
of you people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage?" and concluded by
suggesting "We're thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party in July."

>From the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on that cold winter

morning, the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Party Movement was born. And over
the last year, it has grown into a formidable political movement despite
being dismissed and disparaged by the so-called "news" media.

Since the beginning of the Tea Party Movement, MRC analysts and researchers
have been monitoring the scope and tone of media coverage of their
activities. Now a year later, we have compiled our findings in an exclusive
special report TV's Tea Party Travesty - How ABC, CBS and NBC Have Dismissed
and Disparaged the Tea Party Movement.

Click here <http://www.mrcaction.org/r.asp?U=27035> to access this
compelling and detailed report.

+ + TV's Tea Party Travesty

>From the start, network reporters were dismissive of the first Tea Party

events in 2009. "There's been some grassroots conservatives who have
organized so-called Tea Parties around the country" noted NBC's Chuck Todd,
but "the idea hasn't really caught on."

Others, like ABC World News reporter Dan Harris warned viewers that "critics
on the Left say this is not a real grassroots phenomenon at all, that it's
actually largely orchestrated by people fronting for corporate interests."

When the movement simply became too large to ignore, the networks attacked,
finding every and any opportunity to tar and feather the movement and its

>From describing Tea Partiers as out-of-control marauders, "roaming

Washington, some of them increasingly emotional, yelling slurs and
epithets," as ABC's Diane Sawyer suggested, to painting images of
civil-rights era brutality, the so-called "news" media have never treated
Tea Party protestors as a legitimate movement with legitimate concerns.

+ + Conservative Values in the Crosshairs of the Liberal Media

There is no doubt that the left-wing media have served as enablers for the
socialist agenda coming out of Washington. They clearly support these ideas
and are doing everything in their power to promote them while attacking
anyone opposed to them.

Well, it's time to stand up for conservative values!

The same out-of-control government policies that prompted the Tea Party
movement led the MRC's Brent Bozell to join over eighty conservative leaders
to write and sign The Mount Vernon Statement
<http://www.mrcaction.org/r.asp?U=27036&CID=550&RID=21894530> . They decided
to stand up and embrace our founding principles so we can get this country
back on the right track.

Westley, after reading our special report and adding your name to The Mount
Vernon Statement
<http://www.mrcaction.org/r.asp?U=27037&CID=550&RID=21894530> , please pass
this important message on to 30-40 friends. Urge them to read this report to
better understand the growing threat of the liberal media's influence on our
freedom and our way of life.

Encourage your friends to also add their name to The Mount Vernon Statement
<http://www.mrcaction.org/r.asp?U=27038&CID=550&RID=21894530> as a symbol
of solidarity with the very principles being championed in the Tea Party

We appreciate your great support of the MRC.


David Martin

P.S. Again, after reading our special report
<http://www.mrcaction.org/r.asp?U=27039&CID=550&RID=21894530> and adding
your name to the historic Mount Vernon Statement, forward this message
<http://www.mrcaction.org/r.asp?U=27040&CID=550&RID=21894530> to 30-40
friends urging them to do the same.

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