[StBernard] Interesting essay on the history of Propaganda began by progressive Socialists

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun May 23 22:38:33 EDT 2010

John, yes, the Woodrow Wilson era of progressives played a major role in
socialists' ideology of the 20th century (which also includes through F.D.R.
(Roosevelt) which led America's leaders to enact an end to multiple terms in
office to only two.

But, we shouldn't stop there and I'd argue that progressivism in America
actually began its more modern era at the end of the Civil War which was
strengthened to "teach" the Southern states, losers of the war.
Carpetbaggers, encouraged by the North along with "plants" of government
officials (which included blacks) into governorships and places of high
offices to ridicule, diminish and punish southern Americans into shame and

A deterrence, or resistance to the abominable acts and humiliation facing
southerners brought about an "action to the reaction"/ or vice versa and
what formed into a rebellion (or creation of violence) and terrorism
throughout much of the South and into the North, in fact--

--called the Ku Klux Klan era.

Government intervention into the lives of individuals fortified the need for
many Americans to adhere to the 2nd Amendment and freedom of huge government
infiltrating the lives of individuals/Americans.

Along time the progressive era of 1880-1914/1920 (Wilson near the later)
gave socialism its rise (especially after the emergence of
socialism/communism of the revolution of the Russia into the Soviet Republic
(brought on by Marxism/Leninism).

But, even at Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, Roosevelt agreed to lead a new
party if nominated. In August 1912 the national convention of the new
Progressive Party met in Chicago. And at that, we can see it's not a modern
era style of politics.

It's been coming on a long time and people (as Glenn Beck would put it) saw
a transition of EVOLUTION, the non-violent method of the "changing of the
guard and his politics" as is happening with OB-1-K-NO-bee, aka Obama.

Notice he is positioning himself around all these socialist, communists and
progressives? Not but a violent revolution, but by an ever so subtle, by
comparison--"evolution", a chance of gradual occurrences to achieve an end
to the means and his goal.

As with Glenn Beck, and "patriots' of Americana, many of us have tried to
warn others of the "changes" of OBAMA. He's made a mission in his life to
achieve socialism where government permeates into all facets and occurrences
of our lives.

Hence, our hopes lie in the power of our votes with upcoming elections. Any
pacifism to ignore our strength to remove progressives and socialists now in
power would place us into a power of none at all. And, with OB1's ambition
to "shift the power of the socials" in number with the current aim to give
amnesty to shift the balance of voting blocks/power with illegals and other
minorities with voting power (they tend to be political socialists
themselves when they achieve the power to vote), the numbers will have
conservatives' vote over-thumped, perhaps for decades or forever in

Therefore, we must realize the impact of what is transpiring through the
weeks and months and voice our opinions and use the power of the vote to
change the damage, stop the bleeding, so to speak, and take back America.


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