[StBernard] New Ad: Planet Washington

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Oct 16 10:54:20 EDT 2010

Yesterday, I released a new television ad, "Planet Washington."

Watch "Planet Washington" Here <http://www.kintera.org/TR.asp?a=bdJHLSMmF7JFIXK&s=grLPKXMFLjJVI2MzElE&m=evLWJgP0JlJSIiK>

Washington just doesn't get it; it's like it's on a different planet. Spending and debt have ramped up enormously and the power of the federal government has further reach into our daily lives than ever before.

Bailouts are becoming a mainstay of the political landscape and something to be expected. This is a scary concept and Louisiana families recognize these bailouts were a mistake. You’ve made it clear you want folks in Washington who believe in putting a stop the endless spending.

I fought against the stimulus and the bailouts – every single one. And I will continue to be your voice against the culture of spending and debt in Washington.

Louisianians are fed up and want to take back this country. We need to harness that energy and produce a very different Washington.

Join the fight, and help me work to take back this country.


David Vitter

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